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A “pocket knives” category index…

The pocket knife that started this lifelong journey….

I have had a knife in my pocket since I was eight or nine. When I started these posts, it was more for posting a photo of knives I had at the time. This has become an index post for this section – I keep it up to date as best I can, and change the time stamps to keep it on top of the section. There is no real specific order, but when there get to be a few of the same type, I’ll order them somehow, like having the Benchmades arranged numerically. I make additions to the list as time permits.

One thing to note – I do not own all of these. At one point, obviously I have, or they wouldn’t be listed here. All but very, very few of the photos are mine as well – but you know how it goes. Things like this ebb and flow, knives come and go, and are replaced by others. I may have a wave of common sense come over me and sell off a bunch, or need to do that, but know that for me, using a knife is part and parcel to owning it. I do not have a single safe queen. If a knife does not get used on a fairly frequent basis, I trade or sell it. That said, I will also never write about one I haven’t owned AND used. That’s just not right. I also don’t go soliciting for “knives to review” or anything like that. These are my images, thoughts and words, unbiased and honest, based on knives I have owned and used. Of course, if I took the effort to own one of these, it’s not likely I’ll totally trash one while writing about it… I never would have gotten it in the first place… (enter so many blister packed knives you’ll find at the big box stores and chain sporting goods stores…)

One thing to note as well – December 2012 – I have cut back exponentially and have a total of about half a dozen users these days, with no new acquisitions planned. With my job (and compensation/bonus) changes, I am focusing on living and supporting my family instead of my knife collection. This section is here for posterity, and I hope to complete the entries I’m missing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this section.

Oh – and… This is my hobby and I enjoy sharing. If you enjoy the information and/or images you found here, please take three seconds and visit one of the sponsors over in the banner on the right. I have no misplaced dreams of making any money from this, but when you do click, it makes a difference in my hosting fees, helps me keep this place on, and every click makes a difference. I also really appreciate the votes of confidence. Thanks!

The list is below. Click for pics and my thoughts on each… if it’s on the list but there is not a link, I haven’t gotten to writing about it yet, but have added a placeholder to remind me to get to it!

    • Emerson
    • Spyderco
  • Benchmade
    • Strider
    • CRUX
  • Other Custom knives:
  • Other production knives:
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Strider SJ75 Mini

I have to be honest.

I thought the SJ models were ugly as sin when I first saw them. I totally understood the “Baby Huey” reference you see when people talk about this particular pattern…

For some reason, like passing an automobile wreck on the freeway, I was also mesmerized…

But the mini kept calling. Incessantly. I kept being drawn back to them, and finally found one I couldn’t pass up. It’s been my constant companion all week, and I have to say… Continue reading

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Strider SMF, Digicam

The Strider SMF. A folding beast, but also a generally really useful knife. Mine has the digital camo pattern, standard “Lego” G10, and flamed Ti lockside. The 4″ blade is a fairly normal “larger” folder length, but in the Strider handle/grip/choil format, this one feels really big. Or not. Honestly, when you choke up to the “detail work” choil, the knife is surprisingly agile and detail cut capable. Continue reading

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Strider SnG CC 3/4 Grind

The SnG is one of my all time favorite knives. It’s a beast, but it’s also carryable and usable. The CC version makes it even more versatile for me since office carry is the majority of the time. Continue reading

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Benchmade 480-1 Shoki Carbon Fiber


Take the Benchmade 480 Nakamura designed gent’s knife, add an M390 blade and carbon fiber scales, and this is what you get.

Continue reading

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Chris Reeve Mnandi, cocobolo inserts

Chris Reeve’s production knives are as close to custom without really being so that sometimes it’s hard to tell. The Mnandi is one of those gents knives that completely belies its good looks – these are cutting tools first and foremost, and the engineering and implementation of the design is pulled off with typical Chris Reeve machining and tolerances.

Honestly, the Mnandi is a wolf in gentleman’s clothing. The lock up and sharpness of this little marvel of modern knifemaking makes it entiely usable for just about everything you could throw at it. It’s an amazing little knife, and a terrific tool.

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Rick Menefee Zulu Spear, jigged micarta

Good old fashioned traditional slipjoints have a certain aura about them. Memories of Grandpa’s old Remington Stockman and the good old days of long ago – there is just something special about traditional models. Continue reading

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Bob Terzuola TTF-3A – Left Handed

Right place. Right time. Sweet EDC. This one is one of those tools that I just keep marveling at. The TTF-3A by legendery maker Bob Terzuola. It’s been said that Bob is literally the Godfather of what we call the modern tactical folding knife.

The TTF-3A is sort of a mini version of Bob’s revolutionary ATCF model. The ATCF is often credited as being the first tactical folding knife. The TTF has a 3.5″ blade as opposed to the 4″ found on the ATCF. That half-inch difference makes a huge difference in the overall size of this knife and the resultant carryability in public and “office” type carry situations. Continue reading

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Strider PT CC (Concealed Carry) with Lifter’s Leather Sheath

I was missing my old PT… not any more! The Strider PT is a wicked little cutter. Size truly is decieving with these. Continue reading

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Knife photo…

This one is a special one. There is one other Fallkniven F1 with similar engraving. This tool is from a group I belong to that is a subset of Swedes and Swedish Americans at an online community we all belong to. Thought I would share a picture. The firestarter and flag were gifts from a friend in Sweden. Anders made the firesteel and sent it to me (and one to Noah as well) as a part of a tiny survival kit that he created. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Fallkniven F1

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Strider PT Eye Candy

The one “better” knife that I didn’t sell off in my recent bout with unemployment. All of the customs and higher end models like my Reeves were sold off to fund life – without regret! They are only “things.” This one hung around because it is so sheeple friendly (for a Strider) and useful…

Strider PT

Strider PT - Lock Side

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Emerson CQC-8

Continue reading

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