About Gus

(I started out as a child…)

Who is this guy? What is he doing here? For the resume and such, click the “linked in” button over there on the right. Otherwise I’m a regular dad who tries to be a good husband, father, and Christian… I fail at any and all of the above regularly. I love my God and my Family. I work hard, and love to flyfish. I collect pocket knives. I disc golf and geocache with my kids. I have a career in Corporate Training and Human Resources. It’s a fun type of work and has served me pretty well.

I grew up in the middle of almond orchards in central California. Spent most of my college years at Cal Poly, SLO, where I met my lovely bride, and where I would live if I could afford to live anywhere. I have a double major BA in Fine Art Photography and Communication. Through the years, we have lived in Porterville California, Sandpoint Idaho, and Medford Oregon before landing a few years ago on the outskirts of Austin Texas. It’s a long story that is highlighted by support from the most beautiful woman in the world, four awesome kids here, one in heaven, and life being “Dad” and “Honey.” I am not the best husband or father in the world, but I love them all more than life itself.

I have been writing on the internet since Mosaic v 0.9… In web years, that’s since the beginning of time. I have created lots of training and HR focused sites over the years, and realized that I would rather focus my geek energy on things I enjoy rather than work – that focus has been fly fishing until this site. A few years ago I started a bulletin board specifically about Southern Oregon and Norcal that became somewhat successful (if not the definitive resource for the area) at flyfishjefferson. That site recently rolled up in to my main fly fishing site, smallstreams.com. My photography is at gusstrandphoto.com  and  I built the site you’re reading right now.




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