Because you need to know this stuff

When I camp, I like Mexican hot chocolate. It’s just, well, better.

So here. Watch this. Learn it, especially if you’re ever camping with me.

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So much wasted time and bandwidth…

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Words on images I’ve collected around the web…

A few favorites I needed to put somewhere to view occasionally…



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My personal mission statement on one of my photos…

A sunset on the Pacific. One of my favorite things. This particular one was exceptionally awesome.

The words are ones I aspire to that I wrote down years ago, and that are often very contradictory. When these phrases intersect, life is at its best for me.


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A new way to post, and a revelation…


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’tis the season!

A favorite Holiday video… Have a blessed and safe season!

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Heard it on my run…

Science still can’t explain yawning.
Like you never took your world view to it’s furthest conclusions?

That if human behavior is just what protoplasm does at this temperature,
then there is no need for humanitarian effort,
because these atrocities weren’t wrong,

Them is fingernail-on-chalkboard words, ain’t ’em?

You’re lying.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you’re right.
Maybe we’ll find out the day after the world ends.
Yeah, I guess we’re all a little inconsistent,

-Propaganda, “Forgive me for asking…”

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Running tunes

This song plays just about every time I run. One of my favorite contemporary groups…

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Yes, I have thought about it for years, and I actually have a couple options drafted up, but they are dependent upon how life goes… Continue reading

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I believe that the concept of self fulfilling prophecies, the Pygmalion or Rosenthal effect, and even the converse golem effect can and do influence our behavior and how we see ourselves…

Over the years I have written down some of my wife’s best quotes – her “You” statements she has told to me. The goal of that is to be and become a better husband in her eyes. I have fifty or sixty that I carry with me most of the time. It’s easy now that I keep the list in Evernote… but I used to keep it in a notebook I carried with me. Some times I think the notebook is cooler.

I’ve become a better person because of these. Some are occasionally hard to read, but always better me.

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Acquisition and collection… materialistic madness

I sold off my pistol this past week, as well as two pretty rare and unique knives – one of which I looked for for about four years before I found one to trade for. I just saw one of the knives for re-sale for $90 more than I sold it for. Wanted to kick the guy, but it’s a free economy… I had wanted a 9mm pistol basically since I first shot my uncles thirty years ago. A couple years ago I finally had enough guts to ask the wife and money to get what I “needed,” or so I thought.

That’s the key. NEED. I didn’t need any of it. I can’t believe I’ve had so much junk over the years in my various collections. Fishing lures and gear, watches, knives, cards, games, whatever. I really am embarassed and ticked at myself.

I’ve been a collector of various meaningless craptastically wonderfool items for most of my life, and unfortunately have passed that on to my kids. I’m sorry about that, kiddos. I really am. You don’t NEED collections. They will ultimately just lead to pain. At this very moment I would bet one of my boys is wondering about which Magic the Gathering card he NEEDs for his deck… or which video game he NEEDS next… or my daughter is thinking about the next American Girl doll she wants… or… or…

I’m sorry I’ve made this constant “want” acceptable kids.

I really am.

I need to get over that. What do I actually, truly need? Simplify. Learn to quell the desire for the next best thing. I can’t imagine how much of my life I’ve wasted thinking about the next [insert item here] I wanted. Birthday lists… Christmas lists… collection checklists…


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Why is it?

That we pray hardest when we need Him most, but not the rest of the time? I have to make a conscious effort to pray, even when I have “no reason” to do so.

That said, I’ve been on the line with Him a lot lately. When your babies are sick, it comes natural, but I also praise for my healthy kids more.

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